seth :: six months

   at 6 months old,you are as sweet as ever. you are such a great baby. you sleep well (that's an understatement!), you eat well, and you're are generally just such a happy boy! at 5.5 months, we noticed that you were flying through bottles and were drinking SO MUCH milk so I started offering you food. your first food was avocado just like your big bro. you weren't as into it as your brother was, but you were also younger when we started. i backed off a little because you weren't very excited about it, but after a little while you started devouring it! i don't think it will be long before you are having 3 meals in addition to your bottles! you cut your first tooth this month, the day after Thanksgiving.The next day you cut another one right next to it! You still love to roll around and you're spending more time on your tummy which makes me think that you're going to be on the move very soon! your 6 month stats are pretty impressive, 29 inches and 20.5 lbs. You're the size of a small one year old! you're definitely not lacking in the baby chub, and that's just the way i like it! you absolutely love to watch your brother goof around, but you're also pretty good at letting us know when you've had enough of him! Ha! we love you so much little man, and we can't wait to celebrate your first Christmas!

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