seth :: four months

this baby kills me. kiiiiillllllssss me. i mean, look at that smile! look at those cheeks...that tongues....those thighs! my big baby just melts me. he still has the sweetest disposition ever. EVER. he's much more social now. he laughs all the time, and when he gets on a roll, he'll "talk" for an hour straight! he loves his brother even though his brother gives him lots of reasons not to. he lights up when he catches sight of any of us. the sweetest i tell you! he's still doing really well while i'm at work. he's funny though, he doesn't eat as much as normal when we're both at work, and he sleeps a ton more than when we're here. it's like he's hibernating until we get home. He got checked in to church and bible study and was a total champ...not that i doubted him. he's laughing a ton and rolls over onto his tummy the second we lay him down. he also officially is a thumb sucker. we really fought against it, but he's determined. i'm not looking forward to trying to keep his thumb clean when he starts crawling, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there (i've heard thumb sucking babies tend to get sick more often. boo). he will still take a pacifier, but when he's asleep or hungry he starts sucking his thumb. he's out of the swaddle blanket because he rolled over in it and got stuck! thankfully he has great head control and was fine, but he wasn't as attached to the swaddle as micah and transitioned to sleeping without it just fine. again, not that i doubted him....he is a champ after all. this baby is just too good.

i am so excited to be heading into the holiday season with this guy, but i sure wish time would slow down!

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