this past saturday, micah turned two. TWO. i can hardly believe it. to say that micah brings joy to our lives would be an understatement! this kid is crazy funny, and crazy cute.

he's definitely two. there are tantrums, and the yelling and hitting are super fun too. in the midst though, there are more laughs than screams, and more good times than time out times.

at two, there is nothing this kid loves more than driving. he would sit in the front seat of anybody's car pretending to drive rather than anything else...and yes, we have put that to the test...he chooses to stay in the car instead of going to the park! go figure...
He also can identify everyone's cars...mama, daddy, du-du (my brother rudy), bebe, nonni, papa, yaya, matt, stacy, and D (our friend doug)....it's kind of crazy to watch him do it...it doesn't even have to be the correct model, just the  logo matching is enough for him.

at two, he has an incredible eye for detail. he knows when something isn't as it should be, and he even notices when i change a decoration...if i add something new, he says, "mama, wooooow!" it melts my heart. he notices when i change the color of nail polish i'm wearing or if my shoes are different from earlier in the day. it's fun to see how observant he is.

micah is crazy in love with his daddy. they are pals, and alex includes him in almost everything he does. it's a joy for me to watch my two guys together.

He's talking up a storm, and i'm a pretty good translator :) he's also huge...he's super long and skinny. i'm interested in his stats at his two year old appointment...oh yeah, i should probably make him a two year old appointment!

   you are my little love, and i do love you something fierce. you make your mama and daddy so happy every single day. i love watching you climb and figure out new things. you are getting so big, yet you still love to "rock rock" with us before bed. you are adventurous and fun loving and it is my prayer that those characteristics would be used to put Jesus on display to our world. You make friends wherever you go, and the people who get to know you absolutely love you. we loved celebrating you with some of your favorite people in the world!  happy day day little man! we LOVE you.

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