thanksgiving :: part 1 :: neighbors

micah is down for a nap.
alex is watching a movie.
i am going to play catch up on the blog. i can't believe i haven't even touched thanksgiving! well...here it goes! 

the day before thanksgiving, micah and i made some iced pumpkin cookies for our neighbors before his nap. Micah likes to "help" by mixing up some sugar and flour in a bowl while i bake :)

during his nap, my bro stayed with micah and i made a quick trip to michael's for some packaging materials. while he slept, i used the alphabet stamps i bought to add some life to the plain brown bags. did you know that michael's has small treat size bags with little tabs to keep them closed for only 29 cents?...maybe it's 39 cents, but either way, i like the price! it's hard to tell in the pic, but they say happy thanksgiving...i couldn't find my black ink (i found out later alex had taken it hostage), so i had to use green...not really dark enough , but it did the trick. 

on thanksgiving, we went out to deliver to all of our neighbors. micah carried each bag and handed them to our neighbors. it was fun to focus our family on blessing others before we went out to celebrate with family.

despite what it looks like, alex was with us....that's what happens when you're the photog! here's a family shot before we went delivering. 

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