family date night.

a couple of saturdays ago, i took a day off of work. most families have regular days off together, but for this season, our family does not. it definitely gets hard at times, but for the most part, we make the best of it. i know that something that is really hard for me personally is that anytime that i take a day off, it's for a reason...someone's birthday, or wedding, or event. i wanted a day just for us. a day to do whatever we wanted...all three of us. so, i requested a saturday off, and we made no plans! what ended up happening was a beautiful thing!

we woke up and had a normal morning, followed by an extra long nap for micah, and mama too! I can't remember the last time I napped! When we woke, we packed up and headed to venice beach. Alex had never been there and had been wanting to go for a long time. Micah was pretty much a dream in the car even though it took forever to park! We took him for a walk, and found the best little playground on the beach...seriously, the. Best. Playground. It's hard to find great parks for him because he loves to climb, but I really dont want to have to climb behind him every second because he's climbing up so high! Anyway, this park was the perfect mix of a challenging climb and still low enough to the ground to be able to give him some space! After, we took a long walk to the pier and then back to the car to head to Santa Monica for dinner. We had a late dinner and gelato which was heavenly. By the time we left it was almost 10pm and Micah was still happy :) there were literally no meltdowns, and it was a dream day!

(funny mom moment captured here: we (I) had it in my head that he was a week away from his half birthday so i made him a crown so that we could take some pictures...then i got home and realized that he was a week away from 17 months!)

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nicole aka gidget said...

What a fun day! I'm so glad you guys got to have such a great time making memories together, especially with the added blessing of Micah being in such a good mood! xo