yep, we're still here!

in the midst of a major position transition at work, i have been brain dead every night which has put blogging (and cooking, and cleaning, and crafting) on hold. but i think i'm ready to jump back in!

we took a lovely little vacay last week to hume lake. it was amazing. micah was a stud, and if i can brag on myself a little...i wanted to be outdoors more than my hubby! it was a great trip...we did learn that a vacation is what mamas and daddies do...a TRIP is what a family does ;) while we d
id lose sleep one night...and when i say "we," i am not including Alex since he sleeps through anything...for the most part, micah did better with naps and nighttime sleep than he ever has when away from home. here are some shots from our time away ::

micah loved "driving" the golf cart

i'm sure if micah could talk, he would say that while he didn't enjoy being strapped in his carset driving through the sequoia national forest, he did love when we stopped at a waterfall and he was able to splash through puddles!

pool time! micah hates the pool...mama will be working on that this summer!

enjoying a little breakfast on the ONE day micah slept in...we missed breakfast but grabbed some muffins at the coffee shop.

a little pool action again.
family photo on our last night.


nicole aka gidget said...

That family photo is too cute!

And boy did you speak the truth here:

"a vacation is what mamas and daddies do...a TRIP is what a family does " ~

SO true!! :-)

Yaya and Papa said...

Another truth: Alex CAN most definitely sleep through anything. He used to sleep through the "blaring" music on his alarm clock. It would wake up everyone in our 3000+ sq ft house, but not Alex!!!! Some things never change! Love your photos and glad you enjoyed the "outdoors!"