six months.

the best way to describe you at six months is a ball of energy! if you're awake, you're moving. period. you are so excited to take in all the sights and sounds around you so there's no time for sitting! you do well while leaning forward, but haven't mastered the full sit. Today you are technically 6 months and 4 days and you crawled for the very first time! it was more of a scoot-crawl, but the bottom line is :: you are MOBILE. your dad and i know that we have no idea what we're in for!
you've been eating solids for 2 weeks, and are such a good eater! we haven't quite figured out a schedule for you quite yet but we're trying! you love pretty much everything that we give you but you absolutely hate peas and puffs! i have a pretty funny video of you eating puffs that you will laugh at one day. you love everything else that you have tried...bananas, avocado, pears, sweet potatoes and apples.
at your six month appointment, we found out that you are 28 inches long and 19lbs. 3oz! you are in the 93rd percentile for length, and the 75th percentile for weight. you are a big baby! dr. brown says that you are growing so well and she loves your hair and wild personality. Here are some pictures of how much you've grown over the last 6 months ::

we can't believe that you are already six months old. time seriously flies little man. we love you so much and could not be more happy to be your parents.


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