t minus 6 weeks

I'm 34 weeks this week. It's crazy to think that my pregnancy is winding down, and soon our little man will be here. Now that Easter has come and gone (it was AMAZING by the way, I was just too exhausted to post!), we can finish prepping for Micah. Hopefully his room will be finished soon, and then after our last shower next week, we'll finish buying the things that are necessities. We already have a lot of non-necessities :)

He has clothes, wipes, and diapers, so we're doing well on the absolutes :)

Today, the confirmation of my pre-registration came...that was pretty weird. Our very good friends had their baby this week, and we've been tracking with them the whole time (6 weeks behind of course!) and now the next milestone for us to hit after them is just birth! That alone has been sending me spinning this week. I can't believe he's almost here! I can't wait to hold him!

*People have been wondering why I didn't register for diapers...and the reason is that we have NO idea which brand will fit him best, or if he'll have sensitive skin, or if his skin just won't want to tolerate a specific brand. We've been given a couple of different kinds (and I did register for one box), so we'll try them all and then decide which ones we want to go with. I would just hate to register for a ton of diapers in a particular brand and then be stuck with them if the baby has a reaction to them or something.


kathy said...

good call on the diapers. plus front what i've heard, boys are a bit trickier than girls. heh.

brianna.romano said...

you also have a baby monitor .... total necessity! haha

angelina said...

umm it's a total necessity...how else could I hang out on the patio and still hear the baby?! :)