five months.

Today, Alex and I have been married for five months! It may not seem like a big deal, but in that five months my heart has changed and grown in ways I hadn't expected. As we go through life as a newly married couple and clearly point out things we want in our marriage, and even more specifically, how we're going to do the first year together, I am more certain with each day that I could not be happier. The funny thing is that although we don't have a significant second income right now, we are content. We are happy with where we live, the cars we drive and the "stuff" we have (okay, so we're both BIG fans of clothes and would probably like some new ones some time soon...we still have more than enough!). Amazingly, God has provided for us in some really remarkable ways. He has given us random goodies that save some money a la my parents, some references through friends who have given Alex some free lance work, very random odd jobs (for Alex) that people need done and don't have anyone who can do them, a very wonderful (and reasonable!) studio to live in, and babysitting that is good for my soul and gives us some spending money. God's provision, and our dependence have marked these first five months and what a joy it is to have these stories to tell.

Another thing that has marked these five months is time. I am so spoiled. I spend nearly all of my time with Alex! This might sound normal, but let me tell you it's not! With Alex still looking for a full time position, we get to be with each other on my weekends (thursday and friday) and normal weekends since he volunteers in RH//kids. So fun! I can't think of another time outside of retirement when we'll have so much time so I can't help but see it as a huge blessing! So....all this to say, I love my husband, I love being married, and I love being spoiled :).

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