...the last month has flown by!! When I look at the calendar I can't believe that it's only been a month since we started our premarital class! We also realized that we didn't take very many pictures of everything! Let's see, where should I start? Well, once Alex's back was finally better, we started actually leaving the house which was quite nice! We've had a month of premarital classes, and have one more to go. We have finalized all of the big stuff for the wedding, and now I'm working on all of the detail stuff, which is in and of itself a mountain. Alex is is school three nights a week, and we have children's services two days a week, which really doesn't leave much time for anything else. Today is the first day that I've really felt overwhelmed with everything. It's easy to get lost in the to-do list, but I'm trying to stay above it all!

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