Leadership Christmas

Last night we (the church staff) held an event to thank and honor our leaders forthe past year. The decor was very "winter wonderlandy" and there was even a white carpet for our wonderful leaders to walk down! It was a super fun event complete with amazing desserts, two gameshows, the craziest version of The Twelve Days of Christmas you'll ever see, and dancing!! I must admit the dancing was my favorite part! We had so much fun being silly and the best part of the night....i got ALEX out on the dancefloor!!!

This is such a fun season....our next party is monday, and we will be wearing the UGLIEST sweaters you've ever seen!

p.s. I am giving Alex his Christmas present tomorrow so there will be pictures up soon. It's a BIG suprise and i think he is going to be so excited he might pass out....stay tuned for the pics....

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Nicole Viola said...

David will be so jealous that you guys are going to an ugly sweater party. He has a strange new obsession with wanting to wear one. heehee. Can't wait to see/hear about the big gift! See you SOON!